Guideline NT11 Trout 9′ #4

> Einstaklega fjölhæf þurrflugustöng
> Hentar bæði í ár og vötn
> Mikill fínleiki og tilfinning
> Vegur aðeins 69 gr. – línuþyngd 10-12 gr.


Á lager

  • 30 daga skilaréttur
  • Frí heimsending á pöntunum yfir 12.000 kr.
  • Fjölmargir greiðslumöguleikar

NT11 flugustangirnar eru langbestu stangir sem Guideline hefur framleitt. Þær eru afrakstur þess að nýta nýjustu og fullkomnustu SOA (State of Art) grafítefnin sem notuð eru í geimferðaiðnaðinum í dag. Þegar það er notað í flugustöngum næst mikill ávinningur með því að sameina ótrúlega brynju og styrktaraukandi áhrif T1100G grafíts.

Vörulýsing frá framleiðanda

NT11 Trout fly rods are made to be superb all-round fishing rods for fly casters at all levels. By treating yourself to an NT11 technology rod you should expect nothing less than a high-end experience. NT11 Trout rods features a top modern crisp and powerful mid-flex action with unmatched recovery speed. The feeling is light and nice in tip section, still rigid enough to be precise and push the load further down the blank to make them extremely stabile & agile. These rods gradually work as you load them with a distinct lower section that delivers a remarkable kick. The action in these rods is highly progressive and suits casters at all levels, if you give them a hard time, they just work harder!

The 4wt is a super versatile dry-fly rod that manages all size of tippets and different kinds of waters. The action is very smooth and second to none in handling big trout on fine leaders. When casting you will feel every part of the rod coming alive when you add more load to it. The rod has a 3/4 deep flex but is rigid enough to make it a dream to cast for anglers at all levels. The NT11 904 tolerates quick changes in tempo and the unique blend of materials makes it very stable and crisp.


  • T1100 CAP Technology gives uncompromised strength, performance and reliability.
  • The blanks have a matte satin finish with carbon grey coating that gives the rods a stealthy, classy and non-flashy look.
  • Every rod is fitted with beautiful FLOR-grade cork and on fighting butts you’ll find powder cork reinforcement. FLOR is the top grade of cork with the highest density and strength that will stand years of usage and remain pretty.
  • Titanium lightweight framed stripping guides. Highest quality stainless steel single leg running guides with titanium coating.
  • The reel seats are custom designed by our own R&D team, having a hard anodized and very scratch resistant semi-matte finish.
  • All guides are wrapped with amber thread and on all ferrules, stripper guides and logo areas they are finished with rusty orange trim wraps.
  • Each rod is delivered with a light and strong rod bag made from 4-ways stretch nylon and rod tubes are made from light polycarbonate with a strong polyester fabric cover and a natural leather logo patch.
  • 25-YEAR ORIGINAL OWNER WARRANTY. The NT11 fly rods comes with a 25-year original owner warranty. This warranty covers faults in material and/or workmanship. During the warranty period (from the date of purchase) you will be entitled to the repair or replacement (at our discretion) of damaged or defective sections of your rod. If the rod model is discontinued and/or we are unable to repair or replace a rod section, we will replace your rod with a comparable rod model (at our discretion).


NT11 rods use an ultra-elastic 46T Low Resin Material which makes it possible to create feather-light blanks with a crisp feeling that greatly improves sensitivity. Layers of T1100 graphite with extremely high tensile- and compression strength are then added both on the inside and outside of the 46T material, creating an incredibly strong wall and foundation for unmatched performance, durability and reliability in the blanks. Together with this, we use a carbon-scrim material with a proprietary CAP (Complex Axial Pattern) with 0, 45, 90 and -45 degrees, Cross Construction structure. This produces a lightning-fast recovery speed, increases the casting distance and improves the compression strength. High-strength TORAYCA NANOALLOY®-resin reinforced graphite improves the toughness and increases durability in the rods.

Casting and fish-fighting cause countless amounts of flexing and unloading of the blank, the Nano-material prevents damage due to external shocks, internal stresses or fatigue. The material properties implemented into our NT11 blanks can be described with these simple words; EXTREME DURABILITY, LOW WEIGHT and UNMATCHED RECOVERY SPEED. Making a strong blank while making it extremely light is the ultimate goal of fishing rod development. But in a standard manufacturing process, a rod runs the risk of breaking too easily if it is light and with thin walls. It also often becomes too heavy if it is built to be strong enough. The properties and the performance in our NT11 rods are difficult to imitate by ordinary manufacturers as we use the best available materials together with the best available manufacturing- and reinforcement-technologies to achieve an ideal structure in the blanks.